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Video Presentation
Maintenance Leadership Greatness by Joel Levitt, Author Lean Maintenance
Presented at IMC-2008 23rd International Maintenance Conference

Greatness in maintenance leadership depends in a large part on how maintenance is viewed behind the scenes in your firm and your industry.

Unfortunately the (behind the scenes) view in most companies does not support maintenance greatness.

Available online at

To compound the problem we have come to secretly believe their view. In this short talk, Joel Levitt will first distinguish the view, then introduce a new view and finally provide a roadmap to maintenance leadership greatness.

To make viewing more convenient, we have edited this presentation into smaller segments based on new topics/ideas presented so you can watch over time in today's busy attention deficit world!  We hope you find this method of editing useful and valuable.

Part 1(2 minutes)
Part 2 (2 minutes 17 seconds)
Part 3 (1 minute 11 seconds)
Part 4 (1 minute 12 seconds)
Part 5 (41 seconds)
Part 6 (2 minutes 28 seconds)
Part 7 (4 minutes 15 seconds)
Part 8 (5 minutes 11 seconds)
Part 9 (2 minutes 5 seconds)
Part 10 (1 minute 35 seconds)
Part 11 (1 minute 59 seconds)
Part 12 (2 minutes 11 seconds)
Part 13 (2 minutes 9 seconds)
Part 14 (2 minutes 7 seconds)
Part 15 (2 minutes 6 seconds)
Part 16 (3 minutes 4 seconds)
Part 17 (4 minutes 51 seconds)


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