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Welcome to's iPresentation Tutorial Registration Area. These iPresentation Tutorials are provided by leading subject matter experts and are designed to teach you something practical that you can put to immediate use.  There is no cost to access these tutorials.

Although these iPresentations can be played on a 56k modem, higher connection speeds will improve your experience. Flash Player (for most) or Windows media player for others are required for iPresentation playback.

Once you select a topic, we request that you complete the session registration form prior to participating in the online training session.

iPresentation Tutorial Training Zones

Journey to Continuous Improvement

Maximizing the Benefits of Reliability Centered Maintenance using RCM Blitz

Pursuing Reliability Excellence in a Recession

The Principles of Planning


The Principles of Scheduling

Why You Should Change Your EAM/CMMS Now

Confidence - The Magical Element Of Cross Functional Teams

How to Predict Reliability and Availability for New Projects

Reliability, Maintenance and Food Safety

Doing More With Less –
Surviving in a Difficult Economy

Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) at Wells Dairy Video

Is Experience the Best Teacher? Video

How To Apply Reliability Statistics to Improve Asset Management


If your maintenance department’s planning and scheduling window is too short…
What does it cost you?


Developing Effective Work Procedures

The Basics of Starting Up a Predictive Maintenance Program

Analyzing Business Practices via Business Process Mapping

What is Your Maintenance Strategy?


PM vs. EM Labor Hours Video

 Video Presentation
The ABC’s Of Failure
Getting Rid Of The Noise
In Your System


Economic Crisis
A Video by Ricky Smith

MrP or mRP? Ron Moore Video

Maintenance Leadership
Greatness Video


10 percent rule of predictive maintenance video

Mean Time Between Failure
(MTBF) video

Conundrums in Asset Management Solutions Part 1
Raising R.O.C.E from 2.5% to 10.9%

Organizational Culture
A Key Element of Successful Change Management

Avoiding some of the pitfalls in Maintenance: Partnering for Success

Basic Elements of a Comprehensive Root Cause Analysis Program

The 1,2,3's of CMMS Implementation
Part 1

Part 2

Seven Prerequisites for Effective Planning and Scheduling

Introduction to PM Optimization
Understanding Maintenance Related Losses

Cause Mapping: The Sinking of the Titanic

Business Improvement through PMO
(PM Optimization) 

Author Videos

Maintenance Strategy series by Terry Wireman

Smart Inventory Solutions by Phillip Slater Webinar Archives


Using eMESA for
 Planning and Scheduling in SAP

Asset Performance Management with Ivara-EXP in an SAP World

The SAP Integration Portal - A Complete Toolkit for the Reliability Engineer


Bearing Analysis Web Workshop #1: Detecting and Reducing Bearing Defects

Bearing Analysis Web Workshop #2:
Early Detection of Lubrication Problems and Stage One Bearing Faults

Bearing Analysis Web Workshop #3:
Understanding Demodulation/Enveloping, Spike Energy and PeakVue Methods, and Stage Two Bearing Faults

Time Waveform Vs. Signature

Cross Channel Phase

Diesel Engines - Ultrasonic Inspection of air intake system

Water Contamination: Management of Water during the Lubricant Life Cycle

Proper Filtration Techniques

Electrical Signature Analysis 

Condition Based Oil Changes: Green in More Ways than One

Utilizing Ultrasonic Detection to Determine Best Transmission Path for Accelerometers

Understanding Bearing Defect Frequencies

Return on Investment for Laser Shaft Alignment

What next?

To Collect or Not?  That is the question

The Straight Facts on Shaft Alignment

Detecting Weak Turn-to-Turn Insulation In Electric Motors

Three and four channel vibration data collection – the benefits and considerations

Getting Started – A Guide to Pre-Alignment Preparation

Rolling Element Bearing Failure Analysis using Electrical Signature Analysis
Part I: Bearing Failure Stages

Part II: Predictive Maintenance
Part III: Stage 2 Microscopic Pitting

Contamination Control

Hidden Benefits of Lubricant Consolidation

Short Flex and
Spacer Shaft Tolerances

Identifying energy efficiency opportunities and improving asset reliability

Buying an Infrared Camera: What you should know BEFORE you buy!

Electrical Failure Modes in Motors

Motor Asset Management:
From Cradle to Grave

Getting Started with Infrared Inspection Windows

A New Introduction to Vibration Analysis

Understanding, Detecting and Correcting Misalignment

Reliability Roadmap Web Workshops

Root Cause Failure Analysis
Sessions 1-8

Improving Maintenance & Reliability Through Cultural Change

Session 1: Organizational Culture

Session 2:
Understanding Soft Skills

Session 3: The Tools of Change: The Third Step to Successful Change

Selecting the Right Manufacturing Improvement Tools
Sessions 1-5

Infrared Thermography Basic Level 1
Sessions 1-16

Reliability Centered Lubrication
Sessions 1-7

Electrical Safety Web Workshop
Sessions 1-7

The Economic Crisis – Making your Company Successful – What to do NOW
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